Monday, December 8, 2014

Weight Loss Journey...

For anyone who knows me I have always been a relatively active person. I was a dancer for over 10 years, I was a cheerleader in high school and I have been know to have participated in the occasional "fun run" of 5 km.

Since having my kids however, I have put on a total of 50 lbs since my wedding day and when we were weighing the kids the other day out of curiosity, my husband stood on the scale and I then realized that I am exactly 100 lbs heavier than him! Now I know that the number on the scale is not always the important thing, but society has other plans for women.

I looked in the mirror that night and really looked at know that kind of scrutiny that you can only give yourself and I thought, "who is this person"? I mean, my bottom is way larger and sticks out much more than it used to, I have the mummy tummy (yes I have 3 kids and I know where it came from but I still don't like it) - I am thankful that I didn't get "twin skin" (that extra flap of skin that just won't go away), my breasts have gone up 3 sizes (I used to be a 38C) and they sag. I just don't like the way I have looked and I have decided that I need to take matters into my own hands and do something about this. The weight won't just disappear as much as I would love it to, so hard work is going to be in my future.

First step is get a workout video that I can do at home as I can't readily get out to a gym and I really don't want to pay the fees. The boys still nap in the afternoon, so I have dedicated that time as "me time" and will work out then. Last week I got a great deal on the Pretty Fierce Weight Loss workout series by Lindsay Brin and have printed the 60 day schedule for my workouts. I sat down this morning and planned my meals for the week.

So here goes for my weight loss journey...this is a 60 day program and I am going to do my best to stick with this and work hard for me.

Weight: 250 lbs
Chest: 46.75 in
Waist: 44 in
Hips: 53 in

Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Year

Here we are nearing December and the end of yet another year. I must admit that I never really thought much about the passing years as I was growing up, I was always going somewhere or doing something whether it was piano lessons, dancing or going to camp in the summer. One month I always looked forward to was December...this year is no different.

The kids are a bit older (5 and 2) and they are really getting into the whole Christmas thing. December 1 we always pull out the decorations and get everything ready for the holidays...this year is no exception! We actually put them up for the first time on November 23rd!  I don't really know why I am feeling like a little kid again and really can't wait to see my kids faces as they come downstairs in the morning to see that Santa has eaten the cookies and milk and left them a really special gift. 

This takes us to the traditions that families create. For example...when I was growing up on Christmas morning my sister and I would wake up to find our stockings left right next to our beds. We thought that was so cool and would immediately open them up to see the first glimpse of presents from Santa. What we didn't know then, that I now know as a parent of very excited kids is that my parents left our stocking to get just a bit more sleep on Christmas morning. We were always told that we could not go downstairs until mum and dad said it was ok and we were not to come to mum and dad until 7:00 am. Try telling that to a kid that wants nothing more than to rip open as many gifts as possible. Hence the stocking by the bed. This year my kids are still to little to start that tradition, so I suspect that we will be one of those houses you see with the lights on and all the gifts opened by 7:00am! 

The other tradition that we have started as a family is "the elf on the shelf". Many people already do this and we are now no exception. It's not easy as parents to come up with creative ways to position this elf, especially when we have 2 little boys that don't understand yet that you cannot touch said elf. So we are trying to get creative with the elf out of reach and up high. There are only so many things you can do with an elf hanging from a light or looking out from a cabinet. I am sure that as the kids get older and they understand that they cannot touch "Red" then we can get into the really fun stuff, but for now she will just look on from the shelf and wait until her day comes when she can have a "bath" in marshmallows :)