Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Years ago, before I got married I went to a tea house with a group of girlfriends for tea and a reading. You had your choice of palm reading, tea leaves or tarot cards. I was very doubtful that this would be anything but a show, but I went into my reading with an open mind. 

I chose the palm reading and as the lady started the recorder so that I can take the reading home with my I had decided that I was not going to elaborate on any answers and help her along in the reading, just to see how right she really is. I would call myself (back then) a huge skeptic! There were a few pieces of information that I was intrigued about...but nothing really stood out until a few years later. Here were the highlights that I remember (I want to go through my things and find the tape to re listen)

I was told that I would have a long life...I am sure most people are told this but there is long life in my family (my grandmother died at 93 years old)

I was told that I would get married before I turned 30....strange number but looking back now, I got married the month before I turned 30

When it came time for the children line on my palm the medium laughed and I remember asking what was so funny...I was told I would have 3 children and one would be a set of twins. At the time I thought she was nuts and never thought anything of that statement again until I was 7 months pregnant with twins. I had a realization (about 5 years after this reading) that she was right!

When Long Island Medium made her debut on Canadian Television (TLC) my mom was talking about how it would be really neat to have a reading done by Theresa Caputo. My sister and I thought about taking her to New York and getting this done...we never did as the cost was really expensive, but the thought of going to a medium never left my mind.

About a month ago I found out that a co-worker of mine is a medium and she has been for years. I contacted her and set up a reading for myself, mom and sister. I think I was looking for something, but was more curious again if this really could happen. Last night we met with Donna from Third Eye Mystics and what is typically an hour reading turned into almost 3!

I have to admit I had mixed emotions...
Nervous that nothing would happen
Excitement that I may actually connect with a loved who had passed
Wonder if this really does work
Need...I wasn't sure what but I felt that I needed this as much as my mom wanted to connect

Donna was fantastic, before we really settled into our seats she was talking about a very strong woman who wanted to make herself known to us (my grandmother). We had very positive messages and quite a few validations and statements said that there was in no way that Donna would have know about my family. Yes I did work with Donna, but we never really sat down to talk about my life before this day. I had two questions for my dad in my mind that if he did come I wanted answered and he did with a determination that Donna couldn't ignore to pass along.

I have always felt that my dad is with me everyday, even though I don't always think of him, but I needed the reassurance that he is there, and some of the things that came across confirmed his everyday presence.

It was a fantastic experience and if ever I need the reassurance again I think I would go to another reading. I know that he is looking out for me and my family and even though he is not here, he is still guiding me along in my life only like a father could. 


  1. Funny, I've wanted to re-listen to my tape as well, but I remember the quality being poor, so I'm not sure how much I would get out of it, unfortunately.

    It's very cool that you guys had this experience and that you've found some peace through it. This is something I'd like to try again, too, once I'm ready.

    1. Jo, She was fantastic and she only asks for positive energy to come through, which is why it was such a great experience. Donna mentored under Carmel (mom's a medium).