Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a Year

As I sit here typing in the few moments before I have to go to one of the kids or go to bed before anyone wakes up I am amazed at how fast this last year has gone by. There were lots of times (I think more in the first 6 months) that both my husband and I thought we were drowning, and this can't be done...but we made it! 

A year ago, we were a family of 3 waiting and doing everything we could think of to have these boys. My mom came over and walked me around the block about 10 times (we live in a cul-de-sac) to try to induce labour. She even took my daughter for the night "just in case". Well I think she has some form of ESP because after a lovely dinner just me and my husband we were in the hospital welcoming our bundles of joy.

Everyday has had new challenges, I was so sleep deprived that I had no idea who I was feeding in the night and I am sure on some nights one or the other was fed twice and the other "was just fussy" (little did I realize that he was probably hungry). I tried to do the double feeding to save time it it worked most of the time, but there was one night when the boys were swaddled really tightly and I put David on the foot stool of the rocking chair while I got Victor out of the crib. Next thing I knew, David had rolled off the stool (I hit it with my foot causing it to rock) and was lying face down on the floor) he was crying a little but I think it was more out of hunger than anything else. While I was feeding them I was giggling to myself trying to not make noise causing everything to jiggle and I am sure making it a bit of a challenge for the boys to eat.

Now that the year has come and gone I have seen the boys  develop into their own person while keeping that "twin" connection. David (the older one) is very determined and wants to figure everything out and copy what you do. If something doesn't work for him he has such a temper...fists will clench, he will turn red in the face and then out comes the cry. It is getting a little old, but at the same time still funny. Victor is the adventurous one...he will climb on anything, climb into anything and pull on anything. I am sure that down the road if someone is going to get a broken bone or stitches it will be Victor. 

The "twinness" comes in usually at bed times, if the boys are not tired at all they will usually play through the cribs with each other, and when I come in to check they quickly whip around and stand up as if they are guilty of something and try to look innocent. If Victor is taken out of the room after naps and David is still asleep when he wakes up and realizes that Victor is not in bed I will hear quite a cry and he is very upset, and usually will not calm down until he is downstairs in the same room with his brother.

I talk a lot about the boys, but Gillian is a great kid in all this excitement from day to day. She had to make a lot of adjustments not only as a big sister that was going to have to deal with a new baby, but there were two! In the early days, she was a little put out that these new boys were taking all of mummy's time, but has since become a huge help. She loves to play with the boys and showing them how to make trains and building towers. I am sure that we will have many more play days ahead before she is "tired" of playing with her brothers. She is my little pumpkin and we still have our one-on-one time grocery shopping and making crafts while the boys sleep.

Our world as we know it and planned how it would be was turned upside down in a good way. We have learned to expect the unexpected and to go with the flow. Everyday is an adventure!

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  1. It's so cool that the boys were born with an instant buddy and a friend for life. One of the coolest bonds out there!!