Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Things I Love About Fall

I'm going to give this a try, as I can barely find time to just sit some days but here goes...

I am one of those odd people that love every season! Yes even that winter season where you are essentially hibernating in your house some days or even weeks due to the cold weather. Before I had kids this wasn't the case, but now when I have to worry about frost bite and them being cold it's a whole other story (but later on that). 

What do I love about Fall?

5) The colours

Granted in Edmonton we don't get to see the vibrant reds and yellows that other provinces see (Toronto) but we get our fair share of really pretty colours. I love seeing the leaves turn and giving that one day of hazy blast of colour when you look in the river valleys just before all the leaves fall.

4) Cooler nights...

After a hot summer, where it just doesn't seem to cool off and your house feels like the inside of an oven, I love when you get into your bed and the sheets are cold. Your body warms them up and you can have a nice cozy sleep. It's also the ideal time when your window can still be open at night and it's not too cold when you sleep. 

Again this is a short lived time as you will quickly figure out when you sit on a really cold toilet seat in the morning (like sitting in an outhouse) that it may be time to shut the windows for the season in preparation for winter.

3) Thanksgiving

A time when you can eat all the turkey and stuffing you want and not feel guilty about it? Who wouldn't? Just like the "Friends" episode when joey wears his stretchy pants for the occasion...this is the one holiday where I actually consider fishing out my maternity pants just so I don't feel uncomfortable after the great turkey dinner.

2) Halloween

As much as kids don't need as much candy as they get...I have always loved Halloween. When I stopped going trick or treating (in grade 10) I got the job at home of handing out the candy. I still got dressed up and answered the door in some costume. I think the funniest time was when I was dressed as a bunny. I didn't realize it until after (when my husband told me) that I may have looked like a playboy bunny, but a dad came to the door with his kids. After I gave the kids their candy they ran to the next house and the father was still just standing there. I also didn't realize that as I was handing out the candy my sister came down the stairs all dressed up for a party she was going to as a dominatrix. I am sure that dad volunteered every year after that episode to take his kids just to see what my sister and I would be wearing the following years.

Now that I have kids, I love getting their costumes together and setting them up for their "outting". Their dad takes them around to our family as they are still very young and don't realize what it's all about yet. but they still come back with a container full of candy. 

1) Knowing that the next season is just around the corner...

As I said earlier, I love all seasons and by the end of the fall (usually after Thanksgiving) I am getting into winter mode. I anticipate that first snowfall, but most of all I look forward to my absolute favourite holiday, Christmas!

Wow...I am amazed that I was able so sit down and get this all written in one sitting! now to jump over to my buddies blogs (A Warm Cup of JoDivulge with Dani, and Brooding Woman) to see what they love about fall.

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  1. Great job - glad to see you were able to post again this week!

    PS - Joey's Thanksgiving pants = Hilarious!