Thursday, February 13, 2014


Valentines is a holiday that honestly I can take it or leave it. 
Is is nice to get flowers???of course, but do I need a specific day for my husband to show me he cares with over-priced flowers? no. A month ago he came home the day after a horrible day I had with the kids with a nice bouquet of flowers in hand. I felt appreciated and it made me feel like I really am not that bad of a mom/wife or person in general. That being said it is a nice reminder for everyone to let people know how one feels.

At playschool, my daughter was having a valentines PJ party and exchanging cards. It was such a crazy week last week (with my grandma and mom flying out to Toronto) that I completely forgot to get the little cards that the kids can exchange, and I sent my daughter to her very first class valentines party empty-handed... I felt like a tool and promised myself that next year I will do better. Well my Mother-in-Law came to the rescue and picked up a package of cards and dropped it off at preschool. What a life saver!

I think that when I go shopping next I will pick up a package of the valentines cards to save for next year. Knowing me I will probably put them somewhere and forget where I put them and be in the same boat next year with no cards in hand for distribution. Someday I will have a brain that remembers things right???

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  1. For starters, I'm really glad to see you're writing again. And, also, I think you're doing great as a mom / wife / daughter / sister / friend.

    It's true, there are days that are going to really, really suck....... but I always look at you and think, wow, she's doing great!

    As an aside, M went to her first Valentine's party at day care last year empty-handed as well. And so we did exactly what you did -- bought a box of cards on sale immediately thereafter and saved them for this year. LOL

    From my perspective, just getting in the occasional shower and managing to keep the kids alive is a great accomplishment. So hang in there! :)