Monday, November 17, 2014


There are firsts for everything in life...

First time a baby hold their head
First time you sit up
First time you walk
First time you go to school
First time you drive a car
First time you get kissed
First time you go on a date
First time you have sex

Most people remember those firsts (well not the baby ones...), my point is that most people block out of their memory the embarrassing firsts...

First time you wet the bed
First time you get a traffic ticket (I actually remember my first speeding ticket as it was only 2 years ago)
First time you wet your pants
First time you have a "leakage" from your period

Most of the time you can usually just creep off in an internal shame hoping that no one saw and that you can get away from the public humiliation...

I just experienced my first public shame and actually had to admit to it! This morning as the kids were putting on their boots for school we had the TV on to disney jr so that I don't have to chase anyone around while we are trying to get ready. After we dropped off my daughter at school we came home and so that I can get some breakfast finally I turned on my TV. To my surprise it wasn't working and neither was the internet. So in order to find the cable company's phone number (as everything is online these days) I had to turn to the very outdated (2 years) phone book. After locating the number I called and was informed that my account was deactivated due to missed payment.

Now I have never missed a payment in my life but since I have had the boys my brain has gone to pot and I have been late for many but never missed altogether! To my extreme embarrassment I had to admit to my mistake and have the company charge my credit card to reactivate my account. Now I am just waiting for my cable to come back on and thankfully for DVD players my kids have something to watch. Needless to say that I have also just set up a reminder (why I didn't do this years ago) to pay my bills as soon as they come in and not wait until the due date!

Kids and adult brains do not mix!

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  1. Haha.... oops. We have our cable bill automatically get billed to my credit card each month so that I can avoid the inevitable missed payments, LOL. (Plus, as an added bonus, we get more Air Miles by using our credit card!)