Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pretty Fierce Week 2

I am proud of myself! I have completed week 2 of an 8 week program! Here is my review for this week.

Starting weight: 255.5 lb
This week weight: 253.0 lb

Day 8 - Cardio plyometrics +Core; This was very challenging as I had no sleep last night and I was determined to do this workout today. I tried to do every move as they were the same as day 1 but it really was an effort to keep the pace. I did complete the 30 minute workout, but I did not do as many reps as I should have done. Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Day 9 - Tabata;  This is the intense Cardio where you only have 7 exercises but you do them 7 times each as fast as you can in a 3 min interval. I actually did better than the first week in repetitions but I was a little slower.

Day 10 - Shredding; Missed - pulled a leg muscle because I didn't stretch enough from the day before. Just shows that you really do need to do the stretching!

Day 11 - Flex Schedule; Missed - still recovering from the pulled muscle

Day 12 - Loading + Core: This is a mix of high intensity Cardo and weights, so you are essentially loading everything in a 20 minute workout. It was still difficult to do the jumping with the weights (mainly because I still have weak kegals), but I did the exercises.

Day 13 - Cardio Plyometrics; I actually took my workout clothes and DVD to my mom's house because we were spending the day. Every other time I have done this with the intent to workout, I never did...but this time I got ready as soon as the boys went for their nap and did the 30 minute workout!

Day 14 - Yoga Hybrid; I have no excuses other than I really didn't feel like working out this day so I ended up missing this day. I felt bad when I was laying in bed that night so my goal for the next week is to do everyday.

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  1. Good job on continuing the exercise program. I understand not feeling like working out. Yesterday was hot, and I should have got my butt off the couch and gone for a walk after dinner, but I was tired, and so I talked myself out of it. Tonight there are no excuses.