Monday, August 3, 2015

Weight Loss journey Continues...

So Back in December I started a new weight loss program and it was working for about 2 weeks...then Christmas holidays occurred and then a bunch of sick time. I recommitted myself again in February and that only lasted 3 days and off the wagon I went!

Well I have done it again and this time I am committed! (Yes I know I have said that before, but this time is different). I was at K-Days in Edmonton, and went on a ride with my daughter...much to my dismay (although she loved the ride) my hips and bottom were spread so wide that I was practically sitting on her. I felt awful and decided that Monday morning I was going to change. I bought the food (not that it's any different than what we already eat), and got my workout clothes ready. 

I have lasted a week and here is my review of the past week (you are going to be sick of this weekly update by the end of 60 days - but this is how I am being committed to this program). Again I can't believe I am posting my measurements but I need to see it.

Start Weight: 255.5 lbs
Chest: 45.5"
Waist: 45"
Hips: 53.5"

Day 1: Cardio Plyometrics - I thought I was in a bit of shape chasing after kids all day, but this was challenging. All joking aside this was a mix of high and low cardio. It was intense but I was able to keep the pace and only missed a few moves.

Day 2: Tabata Cardio - I was feeling the workout from the day before but I managed to do this 26 min workout. For those that don't know Tabata is a workout that you do as many reps of a particular move in a short amount of time and you repeat that move 7 times. (Jabs, Run, Skaters, Football Run and Tuck Jumps). Wow by the time I got to the tuck jumps I was hurting!

Day 3: Shredding - Shredding is the right name for this was 30 minutes of high intensity cardio with weights included. This is designed to get your cardio up and work your specific muscle groups with weights. You use a mix of heavy and light weights, but by the end of the 30 minutes both sets of weights feel like they are 30 pounds!

Day 4: Flex Schedule - This is my choice of workout of either an Outdoor run (which I don't run very well for any kind of distance) or Tabata. To be perfectly honest, I skipped this day...not because I didn't want to do the workout (as much as I wan't really looking forward to it) but I had a cake that I had to decorate for a client and really didn't have time.

Day 5: Loading - This workout was very difficult, I feel every muscle and to be honest I had a really hard time keeping up with the timing of the exercises. There are 7 short sets that are high intensity mixing cardio and weights. Loading is the perfect name for this set as you really do load everything on during this exercise.

Day 6: Cardio Plyometrics - I didn't make it...I had a date night the and this next day we went shopping without kids. I did a lot of walking so I hope that counts for something.

Day 7:  Yoga Hybrid - I was really looking forward to this workout as I was thinking that I have a low to medium intensity workout. Well I was in for a surprise...this workout is yoga, but you use weights to add to the difficulty!

I am proud of myself that I managed to workout 5 of 7 days. When Lindsay Brin suggests at the beginning of the DVD series that you should have been working out for a month prior to starting this training she wasn't kidding. I was very tired and a little slower on some days but I was able to keep up and not as winded and out of shape as I thought. I guess running after 3 kids all day does count for something.

I keep repeating my workout mantra (especially when I am super tired and only had 5 hours sleep) "I am doing this for me and I can do this". Funny enough I have completed this week and I am actually looking forward to this coming week to see how I can do with these workouts. My goal is everyday! I don;t have any cakes due and nowhere to go so "NO EXCUSES"!


  1. Great job on working out 5 out of 7 days. I find once you get started and schedule exercise it is easier to keep it up most of the time.

  2. You're doing terrific -- keep it up!